About Studio Dennis

Studio Dennis is the creative hub of contemporary artist Andrew Dennis Boddam-Whetham, who specialises in murals, illustration, and artwork. With a background in fine arts, Andrew honed his skills at the College of Fine Arts (COFA) in Sydney, where he developed a distinctive style that blends modern techniques with traditional artistic principles.

Andrew’s career has taken him across the globe, working on various projects that showcase his versatility and creativity. His international experience has enriched his artistic perspective, allowing him to bring a unique blend of influences to his work. From large-scale murals that transform public spaces to intricate illustrations that captivate the viewer’s imagination, Andrew’s work is characterized by its boldness, detail, and emotional resonance.

At Studio Dennis, Andrew continues to push the boundaries of contemporary art, creating pieces that not only beautify spaces but also provoke thought and inspire creativity. His commitment to his craft and his passion for storytelling through visual art make Studio Dennis a standout name in the world of contemporary art. Whether working on a commissioned mural or a personal illustration project, Andrew brings a level of dedication and expertise that is evident in every piece he creates.

About Studio Dennis


To bring contemporary art to public spaces.


Be bold but beautiful.

“I love bringing life and colour through art into public spaces…”

Andrew Dennis Boddam-Whetham